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Welcome to ORIC, where we’re targeting resistance mechanisms to improve patients’ lives.
Welcome to ORIC, where we’re targeting resistance mechanisms to improve patients’ lives.

Our bold vision is to discover, develop and commercialize innovative therapies that address cancer resistance, including by making existing therapies work better and longer.

Profound advancements in oncology drug development have expanded the treatment options available to patients, yet therapeutic resistance and relapse continue to limit the efficacy and duration of clinical benefit of such treatments. Cancer resistance continues to be one of the most daunting challenges facing patients, clinicians and researchers in oncology today. At ORIC, our resistance platform is focused on three areas:



Derives from an unaddressed oncogenic driver that promotes tumor growth


The result of an induced or enriched oncogenic driver that arises in response to treatment


The activation of a compensatory signaling pathway in response to treatment
Large cancer cell in circle with multiple cancer cells in background

A glucocorticoid
receptor (GR) antagonist now in Phase 1

Our lead product candidate, ORIC-101, is currently in two separate Phase 1b trials. GR is overexpressed in multiple solid tumors, is thought to enable bypass resistance and is associated with poorer outcomes; thus, blocking its activity could have far-reaching effects.

Clinical trials now enrolling

We’re currently conducting two separate Phase 1b clinical trials of ORIC-101 in combination with: (1) Xtandi® (enzalutamide) in metastatic prostate cancer and (2) Abraxane® (nab-paclitaxel) in advanced or metastatic solid tumors. Do you qualify?

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Motivated by a shared purpose

Our collaborative, open culture gives each of us the authority, responsibility and support to do cutting-edge work on therapies for treatment-resistant cancers.